Sunday, August 29, 2010

Thank You

We wanted to once again express our utmost appreciation for the support and eagerness our sponsors have shown for this expedition.  Without their help we could not have even begun a trip such as this.

Perhaps the best part of putting this trip together has been the time spent working with all of these local shops and dealers.   Our supporters may be large companies but there has always been a face local to Canmore behind them and that has made all the difference. 

Patagonia of Banff - Thank you for taking the time to let us try on those awesome clothes in the store and answer our questions.  We really appreciate your enthusiasm and immediate decision to support what we are setting out to achieve.  If you are in the area please stop by and say hello to Tim and the great staff.  Find out how to get to them here Patagonia of Banff

Icebreaker - Thank you for believing in us enough to offer such amazing clothing.  We both have always loved the clothing line and now to get the chance to ride in some is stellar gear.  Find out more about Icebreaker clothing here.

Finally and possibly the most important, Kevin and I would like to thank our parents.  From the very beginning our parents have been enthusiastic, supportive and generous in our endeavor to pursue this crazy dream of ours. 

There is no doubt we will be putting all of this clothing and gear to the test and can hardly wait.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Ride of My Life - The Story of the Bicycle

A wonderful story that the BBC produced following Robert Penn, the author of "It's All About the Bike - The Pursuit of Happiness on Two Wheels".  The six part series weaves a unique look back at the bicycle and simultaneously follows Mr. Penn as he travels the globe assembling his vision of a perfect bicycle. 
Have a look and see what you think.  Regardless of whether you agree with his mode of transport while trying to obtain his new bike parts it is nice to see the BBC providing such lengthy coverage.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Following Wool Back to the Source

We received a wonderful package the other day from one of our sponsors, Icebreaker which we were really stoked about.  Not only is their clothing well made but the fit and finish of the product is always spot on.
What I found so interesting was that Icebreaker, in their infinite wisdom, has come up with this idea of a baacode.  Each item comes with a special code that allows you, the new and proud owner, to trace the wool back to where it has come from.  This idea, as explained by Icebreaker - 

"With most of the things you buy, you're told little or nothing about how they're made. Icebreaker is different.
We have a deep commitment to animal welfare, the welfare of the people who work with us, and the environment. And we have nothing to hide.
Your unique Baacode will let you see the living conditions of the high country sheep that produced the merino fibre in your Icebreaker garment, meet the farmers who are custodians of this astonishing landscape, and follow every step of the supply chain. We're sure you'll find the experience as inspiring as we do. Enjoy your journey back to the source."

So, the socks that we received came from this farm station while our shirts came from a collective of farms.  What makes this idea so exciting is that you get to actually see (and sometimes watch a video) the farmers, the number of sheep, the size of the farm and satellite photos of the farm.  A stunningly brilliant and simple idea.