Wednesday, July 28, 2010


It is hard believe that in just two months time we will be off on a grand adventure.  There seems to be so much that needs to get done before we can even consider leaving and fitting it all in is starting to make our heads hurt.

Kevin and I spent the last few days brain storming on ways to make this blog more handsome, trying on clothes and talking with a local bike shop about getting our bikes ready for the poor road conditions we are so excited to encounter.  We have also been retooling our original schedule for the trip in order to prepare our visa documents for each country.

Despite our best efforts the only things that Kevin and I seem to do when we get together is sit around a kitchen table and talk.  Yet when we are not meeting up, we are either doing full day alpine traverses or running marathon distances, just not together.  I suppose we will be bored of each others company soon enough, so it is best not start too early.

The visa requests will be sent off some time this week and with alot of luck we should get them back by the end of August. 

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